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A set of mnemonic management multi-chain wallet, bid farewell to complicated backup

There are differences in multiple chains, and the payment experience is equally smooth.

Token exchange, safe and fast

The private key is self-sustaining and can be completed without trusting a third party.

Smart contract matching, instant trading, efficient and transparent

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Double port chain

DPC is a low-level public chain consisting of three parts: Double port chain, DPC App and DPChain. It is an all-rounder that combines lightning payment transfer, P2P chat, digital asset trading, blockchain games and blockchain mall. Type blockchain App payment system; is an ecosystem of chained digital assets and the global economy. The aim is to solve the problems of inconvenient user management of various digital assets, complicated transaction process, slow transaction confirmation, poor performance and insufficient application scenarios.
Digital assets are under control
Build a virtual world-blockchain world-real world bridge to create a global DPC application ecosystem.
Smart contract
Trading System
Value transfer protocol
Consensus mechanism

Double port chain is the world's first efficient blockchain platform to support anonymous transport, with V-eleven multi-cycle encryption algorithms and "VPOS" for instant payment and exchange mining and major configuration consensus mechanisms.

Double port chain uses bit-strand high-performance graphene technology, bitcoin anonymity technology, Ethereum smart contract, and EOS underlying architecture logic, combined with its own high-performance public chain, to provide strong technical support for digital assets, and promote the wide range of digital assets. Domain applications and innovations.

Our vision is to create a “global leading decentralized eco-wallet for effective decentralized operations” to create a trusted digital asset exchange community, the BitEternity community!

Our product advantage


BitEternity is also a social network coin based on BitEternity APP, which includes mobile, desktop, various web systems and browser plug-ins. BitEternity APP aims to build a social-based entertainment + blockchain + digital wallet. A comprehensive social app.

DPC Value Model
Decentralized application of the most powerful infrastructure
Multiple encryption
DPC encrypts the hot wallet, separates the hot and cold end, and stores multiple cold wallets in multiple places to form a multi-center cryptographic signature scheme.
At the same time, multi-signal P2SH and financial privacy BIP32 technologies are used to encrypt all data information.
Secure storage
DPC also uniquely multi-signature algorithms such as rate limiting and address white name webhooks, and combined with financial process system and approval authorization system.
Safe and convenient
DPC can guarantee the security of digital assets in an all-round way, and it also makes the whole coin-coin process more efficient and convenient.
DPC is a multi-currency decentralized wallet that uses SHA512-ZERO encryption technology and an independent private key + dynamic verification code to ensure data security for the Max Token network.
deal with
DPC will penetrate its core payment terminals. Long-term holding BitEternity will be of great value to the BitEternity APP eco-development, as it will enable social networks to develop long-term plans to ensure that the management team can work smoothly.
Competitive advantages
Since the successful development of BitEternity, it has been brewing for seven or eight months, and has experienced hundreds of anti-theft anti-theft tests to ensure the safety of users' funds. In a scalable market, beginners and expert investors can leverage the artificial intelligence-driven consulting tools to gain a competitive advantage in the digital marketplace.



Multi-function wallet
DPC is a multi-asset wallet that supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, BitShares, EOS and other public chain licenses, accessing more than 700 currencies, and one-time resolution of multi-series license assets for users. upset. There are more than 1,500 global digital currencies and they are still exploding. The four major mainstream digital asset wallets are broadly divided into AToken light wallet, imToken digital asset wallet, Bitcoin core wallet, and BTS web wallet.
In 2012, Madison recruited and published a manuscript in the early BTC community to contact the digital currency field. This is a university's Madison who just graduated from the 5BTC hourly draft fee. For the time when his college student just entered the first job of the society, he was not a Philippine's income (at the time BTC value of 0.8$ one). In accumulation, the blockchain technology is deeply understood, and the IT and blockchain technology geeks are recognized. In 2013, it became a well-known miner in Los Angeles, USA. Achieved the forefront of the blockchain boom. Madison believes that if there is no decentralized exchange, the decentralized digital currency operation will be unsustainable.

Mason Madison

One of the core developers of DPC

Since 2012, he has been in contact with Bitcoin mining. At the beginning of 2017, he began to systematically study blockchain technology and encrypted digital assets ICO, which has unique insights into the potential and future direction of the blockchain industry. He has invested in high-quality projects such as EOS, Filecoin, and Cybermiles, observes and participates in the community construction and operation of multiple encrypted digital asset projects, and has rich experience in community organization operations. Leading operations, media campaigns a.nd strategic research at BitEternity


Our team

DGP distributed autonomous protocol
AAL account abstraction layer
virtual machine
Global collaboration
Safe and convenient multi-wallet service
Complete development tools
Basic software
Payment service
Decentralized chain governance model to achieve non-forked blockchain upgrade
Open UTXO model and smart contract ecology
Rich programming language, decoupling of operating systems and virtual machines, pushing smart contract development to the mainstream
The world's largest PoS peer-to-peer network, the number of nodes is second only to Bitcoin
Multi-version wallet support to meet the needs of users to access the ecosystem in different scenarios
Complete blockchain bottom-level and decentralized application development tools to address different development needs

Become a powerful force in global commerce, providing a reliable, transparent and decentralized payment gateway for all users worldwide.

Through the design of Oracle and Data Feed, the intelligent contract of the blockchain can be made easier to fall and more in line with business rules.
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Double port chain native currency DPC, a total of only 100 million, we will recruit blockchain enthusiasts from around the world, holding DPC will become a community member. Community members have relevant rights to the community level according to the number of DPCs they hold, and community members can also receive dividends from community development and individual community contributions.
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